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Restoration of Solid Building in Belper, Derbyshire: A Traditional Lime Plastering Masterpiece

Renovating solid buildings requires not only expertise but also a deep respect for traditional methods. At Ayres Plastering, we pride ourselves on using time-honored techniques to preserve the authenticity and integrity of solid structures. Our recent project in Belper, Derbyshire, is a testament to this commitment.

The Project: Breathing New Life into a Heritage Property

Belper, a picturesque town in Derbyshire, is renowned for its rich history and beautiful architecture. Our latest project involved the restoration of a solid building, where modern techniques would not suffice. We embraced traditional lime plastering methods to ensure the building's longevity and aesthetic appeal while improving its breathability.

Step-by-Step Lime Plastering Process

1. Slaking Quicklime on Site

We began by slaking quicklime on-site, adding water to quicklime to produce slaked lime. This process is crucial for creating high-quality lime putty.

2. Mixing Hot Lime Mortar

With the slaked lime ready, we mixed it hot on-site. This method enhances the workability and durability of the lime mortar, allowing the binder to stick better to the aggregate.

3. Applying a Harled Scud Coat

We applied a harled scud coat while the lime was still hot. This rough coat helps to regulate the substrate's suction, providing an ideal base for subsequent layers of plaster.

4. Insulating and Boarding Stud Walls

We insulated and boarded the stud walls to improve the building's energy efficiency and provide a smooth surface for the final skim coat.

5. Floating and Skimming

We applied a base coat of lime plaster and leveled it with a float. The final skim coat was a thin, smooth layer of lime plaster, resulting in a flawless finish.

Why Choose Traditional Lime Plastering?

Traditional lime plastering offers several benefits, especially for solid buildings:


Our renovation project in Belper, Derbyshire, showcases the beauty and durability of traditional lime plastering. By slaking quicklime on-site, mixing hot, and carefully applying each coat, we preserved the building's charm while improving its breathability and ensuring its structural integrity. At Ayres Plastering, we are dedicated to using our expertise in lime plastering to restore and preserve solid buildings for future generations.

View the project https://www.instagram.com/p/C7PtRbAMr5I

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