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Modern building, modern materials, traditional techniques. Buxton old road, Macclesfield.


Welcome to the straightforward side of plastering on Buxton Old Road. No frills, just the essentials. Today, we're breaking down knocking off, the plumb dot method, and hitting that 1mm tolerance using gypsum plaster. Let's keep it practical and get the job done.

Preparation in a Nutshell: No Dust, No Mess:

Before we dive into plastering, let’s talk prep. Plastic sheeting seals the doors—keeping the dust out. Waste? Bagged up and disposed of. Simple, no-nonsense.

Now, onto 'knocking off.' It’s not glamorous, but it's essential. We don't smooth out the surface; we knock the plaster off the wall entirely. Get rid of any imperfections. And, before we start, open the windows and doors to let the dust out. No secrets, just practicality.

This isn’t a spectacle; it’s a job. In Macclesfield, we blend tradition and tech without the drama. Let’s keep it dry as we work our way down Buxton Old Road.

Plumb Dot Precision:

Enter the plumb dot method, a centuries-old technique refined to perfection. In Macclesfield, where tradition runs deep, plasterers utilize this method to establish vertical and horizontal reference points with unparalleled accuracy. The plumb dot, a small but powerful mark, guides the application of gypsum plaster with precision, ensuring a surface that not only meets but surpasses the demanding 1mm tolerance.

Screeding to Perfection:

Screeding, often considered the backbone of quality plastering, takes center stage. Modern materials, such as Hardwall plaster and multi-finish, facilitate the creation of an even and smooth surface. The goal? A uniform substrate that aligns seamlessly with the plumb dot, achieving the coveted 1mm tolerance. This meticulous process is the foundation for a finish that stands the test of time.

Skimming into the Future with Devil Float Magic:

Now, onto skimming. We take a devil float, creating a figure-of-8 key for the skim coat. Applied in two freshly mixed coats, it provides a smooth surface. No magic, just method. This step marries traditional craftsmanship's resilience with the efficiency of contemporary building materials.


At the edge of Macclesfield, on Buxton Old Road, the marriage of traditional techniques and modern building practices is not just a construction process – it's an ode to the rich history of craftsmanship. Knocking off, plumb dot precision, and screeding to a 1mm tolerance exemplify the dedication to perfection that defines this gorgeous town. As we skim into the future, embracing both time-tested methods and cutting-edge materials, we celebrate the harmonious blend of old and new that shapes Macclesfield's architectural landscape.

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